Looking for top-quality California carts for sale? Your search ends here! Central Coast Carts, located in Morro Bay, presents an extensive inventory of carts that cater to a variety of needs. With the added advantage of free delivery within 200 miles of their shop, it’s time to rev up your cart-buying experience.

Discover the Diverse Cart Inventory

Central Coast Carts boasts a wide-ranging inventory that’s bound to impress even the most discerning buyers. Whether you’re in the market for sleek electric carts, versatile utility carts, or rugged off-road carts, you’ll find an impressive selection that suits your preferences.

Electric Carts

Are you environmentally conscious? Central Coast Carts offers an array of electric carts that combine eco-friendliness with impressive performance. Cruise around town or your property effortlessly while reducing your carbon footprint.

Street Legal Carts

In addition to their impressive range of carts, Central Coast Carts also offers a selection of California street legal carts that combine style, functionality, and compliance with local regulations. These street legal carts are designed to provide an optimal driving experience while adhering to the necessary legal requirements for on-road use. Whether you’re looking to cruise through your neighborhood or explore urban landscapes, Central Coast Carts has you covered with their thoughtfully curated inventory of California street legal golf carts.

Off-Road Adventures

For those seeking adrenaline-pumping off-road adventures, Central Coast Carts has you covered. Explore their collection of off-road carts that are built to conquer tough terrains while ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Carts with Free Delivery Convenience

Central Coast Carts goes the extra mile by offering free delivery within a 200-mile radius of their Morro Bay location. This remarkable perk ensures that your chosen cart will be promptly delivered to your doorstep, saving you time and hassle.


When it comes to California carts for sale, Central Coast Carts stands out as a premier destination. Their diverse inventory, featuring electric carts, utility carts, and off-road beasts, ensures that there’s something for everyone. The added bonus of free delivery within 200 miles makes the cart-buying process even more convenient. Get ready to explore the scenic Central Coast with your new cart from Central Coast Carts. Start browsing their inventory today and make your cart dreams a reality!