Pismo Beach Rentals

I40 F

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Our carts provide fun for everybody who want an exciting, adventurous, and enjoyable way to explore the area. Our picturesque coastline and climate are perfect for seeing and discovering the town gems that this gorgeous city has to offer.

Pismo Beach Location: Pedal Up, 519 Cypress St Pismo Beach CA 93449

$300 Full Day | $550 48hr Rental


5 things are required to operate an i40 F:

– The Driver must be 21 years or older

– Posses A Valid drivers license.

– Provide Proof of Insurance

– $15.00 insurance policy on the vehicle

You can drive a cart with any foreign driver’s license. If you have a foreign driver’s license that permits you to drive an automobile, then it also permits you to do so in the United State.  Carts can occupy up to 4 people.  The minimum age requirement of passengers is 4 years of age.  All drivers must be at least 21 years old.

Late Policy
Come fifteen minutes before scheduled time. If you’re fifteen minutes late, you could lose time slot for a different one.