About Central Coast Carts

Welcome to Central Coast!

We’re Happy You’re Here!

Carts are ideal for getting around Morro Bay, California. Our rentals and inventory allow you to enjoy the Pacific Coast environment in the most enjoyable, thrilling and adventurous way imaginable.

Everyone who wants an interesting, adventurous, and pleasurable way to see Morro Bay will appreciate our cart and scooter rentals. The stunning coastline and Mediterranean temperature of California make it ideal for visiting and discovering the city’s hidden beauties in our carts and scooters.

Depending on what you wish to do, our helpful and cheerful team will assist you individually. For the greatest possible experience, we provide all of our customers with a map and multiple routes.

We now have two carts with more coming on demand to Pismo Beach and they can be rented at our partner – Pedal Up 805-295-6235.

Policy on Cancellation

Due to our inventory, all cancellations require a 24-hour notice. After a 24-hour period, no refunds will be provided.

Policy for Late Arrivals

Arrive fifteen minutes prior to the planned start time. If you arrive fifteen minutes late, you risk losing your time slot and having to wait for another.

Vehicle Insurance

All vehicles require a $15 insurance policy on your booking.  You will receive a notification by email on how to grab your insurance after your order.  Don’t worry – it only takes a minute to complete.